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The StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem map includes tens of thousands of registered startups, coworking spaces, and accelerators. StartupBlink has also established dozens of local startup chapters serving over 30,000 entrepreneurs worldwide. Our annual rankings reports rank the startup ecosystems of more than 1,000 cities and 100 countries globally. The reports are downloaded by tens of thousands of decision-makers, mentioned by top government officials, and referred to in global and national press. Our global data partners include SEMrush, Crunchbase, Coworker and Meetup. We are partnered with dozens of public sector clients on the promotion, mapping, and research of their startup ecosystems.

About StartupBlink  

Ecosystem Partnership

StartupBlink PRO

Make informed business decisions based on comprehensive datasets of  startup ecosystems in hundreds of cities and countries

Startup Blink Pro

Ecosystem Partnership

Make better conclusions about startup ecosystems

Global Startup Map and Ecosystem Research

Mentions of StartupBlink and Report

Press for our Global Startup Rankings

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  The Prime Minister of Israel

  The Mayor of Edmonton

•   Ecosystem development training and consulting

•   Customised research reports

•   Visual, public and interactive map of your ecosystem

•   International Promotion of your organization and ecosystem

About StartupBlink

Mentions of StartupBlink and Report

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We work with global partners to map, rank and build innovation hubs in thousands of locations. 

Vertical Reports

Vertical Reports

•   Exclusive and interactive map of your industry vertical

•   Focused research and reports on industry verticals

•   Tailored and custom-built insights 

In the press:

"It has been great to partner with StartuBlink to try and bring some positive attention to the Somali innovation and start-up ecosystem. Through this process we've been able to try and show that despite the challenges, there are also many great initiatives that are worth profiling on a global platform. "

- Nishant Das, Manager

Response Innovation Lab, Somalia

Interest in findexable has grown dramatically since we launched the Global Fintech Index with StartupBlink. We are using it to consolidate our authority as a leader in building a progressive fintech ecosystem and it has made our brand more recognizable, creating invaluable opportunities for partnerships and open innovation."

- Simon Hardie

CEO & Founder, findexable

* Exclusive to public sector organizations

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•   Make data-driven decisions on 1000 cities and 100 countries

•  Full access to Startup Blink website and ranking tables

•   Raw data Excels and PDF extensions 

•   Cut down on research time

•  Understand global trends

•   Compare innovation activity globally

"I am actually using StartupBlink data as the basis of our expansion strategy into the US. I say it’s central to our growth decisions."

- Richard Sams, C.E.O of MOHARA, London